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Management and Scientific Team

The management is headed by Mgr. Libor Schwarz (Pharmacist) and Dr. Markus Schlick (Lawyer) and the Research & Development department is headed by Norbert Fuchs, Chief Scientific Officer. Herbert Stuchetz is in charge of Marketing & Sales.

Norbert Fuchs - CSO

Austrian, born in 1955, holds a pharmacy degree and is specialized in biochemistry and nutriological medicine. Norbert is responsible for R&D in the company group for more than twenty years.

In this period Norbert and his team have developed more than a dozen international patents, inter alia covering immunological, dermatological and neurological fields. Norbert and his team also developed the DEFLAMIN® patents which are the basis of existing and prospective pipeline projects.

Mgr. Libor Schwarz – CEO

Czech, born in 1965, holds an pharmacy degree and has extensive experience in the field of marketing and distribution of medical devices and drugs.

Dr. Markus Schlick - CEO

Austrian, born in 1984, holds an law degree and is specialist in food, medical device and drug law.